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Insurance Claims SoftwareStreamlines Claims Litigation Financials.  Claim and defense litigation financials are often complex and unwieldy. That’s why we designed Vendor Cost Control™, a comprehensive administration tool specifically for construction defects and complex litigation services. Vendor Cost Control™  tracks defense costs – both primary and additional insured– and allocates defense costs to developers, builders, subs, and insurers.

By factoring tender dates, indemnity contracts, cessation dates, policy exhaustions, settlements and dismissals, VCC makes managing complex financial litigation that much easier.

Collaborative Power. One Powerful Tool.

Claims Processing SoftwareGiving You the Follow Through For Everything You Do

As third-party financial cost administrators, we know how to maximize your work processes. With VCC collaboration capabilities are coupled with the necessary due diligence reporting and communication required to effectively resolve claims and provide the optimal defense.

Vendor Cost Control™ provides:

  • Funding agreement administration
  • Claim and defense financial litigation tracking and management
  • Due diligence reporting and communication
  • Secure, easy-to-use browser/mobile app portal dashboards
  • Get info on the run, delivered directly to your iPhone, android, or blackberry
  • Acces ADoC instant availability to backup documentation

Comprehensive Follow Through on All Functions.
Vendor Cost Control™ comes ready to deliver real follow through on all of your business’ cost control processes, by providing immediate solutions, real time reporting, and time-saving techniques. Business costs decrease and you can enjoy faster, more accurate resolutions.

“I logged in and WOW!  What a great site and tool for…well, EVERYONE, that utilizes JDI’s services!  No sooner did I hit “enter” after the password and a listing of Al’s cases showed up!  This will serve as an excellent reconciling tool for our office.” – Accounting Dept., Law Office of Al Clarke


Reporting Done Right.
Whether you’re a vendor, attorney, primary or AI insurance claims handler, you’ll find the most innovative tools and relevant resources available with VCC. Our superior matrix abilities allow us to compute date of participation through dismissal. The system uses a uniform task code to categorize expert and defense costs while comparing them to budgets.

Remote Access Anywhere, Any time.
VCC offers 24/7 access to the information you need in a secured, browser-based format you’ll be able to securely access files from your cell phone, tablet, computer, and through our VCC mobile app. Our  app  offers a comprehensive view of full subscribed case listings, carrier allocations, payments, and outstanding balance reports, and also gives you an easy way to contact your JDi Data case managers.

Additional Service Features:

  • “What-if” scenarios: Vendor Cost Control™ is capable of calculating shares for carriers who are not included in a matrix but may be at a future time with total reallocation. Attorneys can get a hypothetical share calculation in just a matter of minutes.
  • Storage and retrieval: Access copies of your invoices on our secure server. Access reports at any time, including reports detailing all carriers in a matrix, their shares to date, payments to date, and outstanding balances owed.
  • Share allocation. Advise carriers of their invoice shares starting on their dates of tenders and ending based on their dates of settlement (or agreed upon cut-off dates).
  • Events. Communicate and reveal any current events to all participating subscribers electronically.

Usig the mobile app for VCC, you’ll be able to track and allocate defense costs in complex litigation all from your smartphone or tablet. VCC’s app transforms and streamlines the claim and defense financial tracking and management process by bringing case information right to attorney and insurance adjusters’ fingertips.

Already a VCC Client?

Already a VCC Client?

Why Choose Vendor Cost Control™?

Having administered over 1000 complex financial litigated construction defect matters since 1997, JDi Data staff understands that our clients’ major priorities are saving time and money. Vendor Cost Control saves both time and money for your firm.

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