3 Ways to Improve Your Companies Safety Program

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A goal of all occupational safety programs should be to instill a safe work environment. This means you need to capture the right information associated with incidents.

How is your claims management system helping you to effectively accomplish the safety program?

A claims management system should include these three abilities:

  1. Collection of all the incidents/accidents, locations, causes, parties involved, times, body parts, and a full description. Being able to do this is primary in being able to define and impose programs of prevention in the future.
  2. The ability to break down the hierarchy of your organization and the incidents that happen throughout. A claims management system that can do this will successfully monitor your program specific to individual departments and will assist in establishing measurable goals and objectives.
  3. Allowing you to run ad hoc reports, in case standard reports are not providing you the information you are searching for.
  4. You can only prevent accidents when you address the underlying causal factors causing the accidents. You need to capture the necessary information to analyze your data.

Why would you need to re-look at and re-sort data you’ve already systematized?

You may over time, have events that are only occurring in one area of your business. Could there be incidents that seem disconnected, but always seem to involve someone’s hand? For example, it may not be the location, or so much what they are doing, but which staff is doing it. The larger the organization the less likely it is that someone would notice a pattern. However, paying close attention to how and to whom accidents are reported gives you a chance that the most likely person to see a pattern isn’t even aware accidents are happening.

You may find that your part-time staff needs more training on the equipment they infrequently use. It may come out that certain equipment is responsible for certain accidents that you have not been watching for. Being able to log all the information and sort it into meaningful groups is a job for a good claims management system.

Running a new ad hoc report will allow you to consider connections between your data you may not have been set up to look for previously.

Want to be safer?

Then it’s important that you know there are claims management systems that can help you look for patterns in accidents because applying one will be your first step to making safety improvements.

Keeping the people around us safe is always a priority. Your end goal should be to follow safety codes, employ the best procedures,  and pay attention to “Is there room for improvement?” and “Where can you find it?”

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