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The winter is finally over and spring is officially in the air.  To celebrate the new weather, JDI is participating in Mercedes-Benz’s corporate run 2017.  The annual event, which is hosted in Ft. Lauderdale, is one of the largest 5k races in the nation.  It draws more than 30,000 participants and hundreds of companies annually.
The race is set to start at 6:45 and is meant to advocate a healthier lifestyle.  In addition to the excitement of the run, vendors go all out to have a great time by promoting, “Healthy food, good drinks, company T-shirts, and tent decorations.”  The goal is to have fun while exercising, so that it’s not thought of as a ‘work-out’, but rather, an evening out of the office.
JDI Data is super excited about our first time at the event.  Which comes right after the official release of our new CTRAX website, launching March 29th.  Also, we’ve developed some pretty awesome shirts that we can’t wait to show off.  So please, come say hi, and find us at the Premier Beverage tent where we’ll be hanging out with friends.