Your Recently Accessed Claims – Personalized Settings

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Claims Manager Personalised Settings

Did you know that Claims Manager has functionality that will produce a list of recently accessed claims? To access this list, you will select the “Claims” tab and will select “Your Recently Accessed Claims”.

Displayed as a list of claims that have been accessed in the last 90 days by the user signed in to Claims Manager. Note that the last access date column displays the last date and time that the application claims are reviewed.

Control The Number Of The Days Informations Are Displayed

What you may not have known is that each user can control the number of days this information is displayed.

The current selection is set to 90 days, if you’d like to only see the claims you have viewed in the last 7 days select the Settings tab then select Your Personal Settings. Note that the current setting for a number of days to show and recently access claims is set to 90 days.

In this example, we will change this to seven and save changes. The next time you select “Your Recently Accessed Claims” the list will include only those claims that you have accessed in the last seven days.

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