9 Key Benefits of Going Paperless: Optimize Your Business

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A paperless business is like a clutter-free mind.
There’s clarity, structure, efficiency—all combined. At JDi, we pride ourselves in using our paperless time and billing, CRM hub, TimesManager along with creating other software for our clients that reduce the need for extra messes in the office, like CTrax, our cloud-based certificate of insurance management solution.
Today, we’re going to discuss the 9 benefits of going paperless. And trust me, if you care about optimizing your business for long-term success, then keep reading.

Receive Payments from Customers, Faster

Past-due invoices can turn into lost money if you’re not careful. It’s easy for clients to misplace paper invoices, forcing you to repeatedly mail them. The safest option? Send email invoices. Why? Because the quicker you deliver invoices, the higher chance your customers will pay them. Now, imagine if you could use software to create and track your invoices. It would be much easier to follow up with clients, ensuring that you collect every penny owed.

Lower Office Expenses

If you’re no longer printing invoices, then you’re no longer wasting money on paper. When you go paperless, you buy fewer ink cartridges. And you decrease the wear and tear on your printer. Raise your hand if you want to keep buying new printers… Didn’t think so.

Protect Top-Secret Information

As a business owner, you want to keep your information confidential. To do so, you have options. You could lock classified documents in your filing cabinet. But what if you lose the key? That’s time wasted.
Or … you could go paperless. In doing so, you’ll avoid taking unnecessary risks with your top-secret information. You’d feel safe and secure knowing your cloud-based software provides ironclad protection from slimy, thieving predators.

Improved Customer Service

By going paperless, you can communicate with your clients faster. Instead of digging inside dusty boxes for your clients’ records, you can instantly access them. That means quicker updates and more satisfied clients. They’ll see that you run an efficient operation, and in turn, are trustworthy.

More Time Spent on Money-Making Tasks

The time you spent searching for misplaced documents is time you could have spent attracting more customers. Misplaced documents distract you from doing the activity that makes money: running your business.

Store Data Automatically

Running a business can be time-consuming. Often, you have to juggle multiple tasks. Not necessarily by choice, but by circumstance. That’s why you need a cloud-based system that automatically saves your vital data.
Indeed, automatic backups prevent human error—like forgetting to store crucial documents.

Easy Access to Vital Documents

If you’re still filing documents in cabinets, you need to stop. It’s too risky. Mistakes can happen.
Let’s say you’re a general contractor. And you stored your certificate of insurance in the wrong folder. That becomes a problem if you need quick access.
But what if you could use a certificate of insurance tracking software? You’d be able to easily retrieve your certificate of insurance, along with scheduling renewal requests.

Streamline Tax Responsibilities

If the IRS audits your business, you need to react. Quickly. By going paperless, you’ll have quick access to your financials. Wouldn’t you feel more secure knowing you’re prepared if the IRS comes knocking?

Keeps Mother Nature Happy

Our great-grandchildren will eventually inherit the world we leave behind. So, we all have to do our part to enrich the Earth. To give, not just receive. By going paperless, you’ll keep Mother Nature happy. And she, in return, will reward your descendants.

Don’t Wait for an Emergency

The best time to go paperless is before it becomes urgent. Contact us today and we’ll help you make the switch so you and your business can reap all the benefits of going paperless.


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