Every solution starts with a story. 

Here at JDi, we transform our customer’s stories into innovative solutions for the insurance industry. Our premiere set of software solutions are designed to allow organizations to invest in tools that truly transform their day-to-day processes.  
JDi is built on the experience of our people. We don’t just configure software – we transform everyday processes into automated workflows and applications that transform how people work. That’s the JDi difference – we know not all organizations are created equal. Every business brings its own unique set of requirements. Our team understands your industry – we don’t just plug in a solution and walk away. We take the time to analyze your processes to identify inefficiency gaps and recognize areas of opportunity for workflow optimization. Our innovative spirit is what drives us to be an industry thought leader. We work every day to provide partner-centric customer service and best in class software solutions for the insurance industry.  
Every solution starts with a story – let’s transform yours together.   


Our team was uniquely curated to include industry professionals with incredibly diverse experience and talents. The JDi approach is centered on agile methodology and an information technology infrastructure library, allowing our team to evaluate each unique business situation to ensure improved implementation and operations. Whether it is a turn-key solution or a completely customized system, our team of professionals will deliver your project on time and on budget.


Innovation is a constant pursuit. JDi is constantly working to enhance our suite of products through research, development, and feed-back from our loyal customer base. 
Our team is constantly revitalizing and rebuilding our solutions – providing regular updates and product changes requested by our clients. Claims Manager is a living solution, constantly being improved to better fit your organization’s needs.  


JDi prides itself on providing solutions tailored to individual client’s needs. Our self-serving workflow engine provides a plethora of configuration possibilities. Our focus is providing solutions that increase productivity and deliver a return on investment, while remaining affordable.


JDi’s intuitive products streamline workflow, handle complex litigation, and provide in-depth reporting. Our team of experts provide around-the-clock, industry leading support, while maintaining 100% up-time.


JDi was established with a single goal: use cutting-edge technological advancements to optimize company work processes. To achieve this, we seek to “create disruption” through revolutionary solutions aimed at static business practices while tailoring our products to address specific client needs. We separate ourselves from the competition by pursuing real relationships with our clients and providing the customization that separates you from yours.