The BCWLA & JDi Data Appreciate Administrative Assistants

Broward County Women Lawyers' Association
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This Wednesday marks the 65th anniversary of the annual Administrative Professionals’ Day.  The national holiday was originally developed to help recognize the administrative assistants responsible for maintaining smooth operations in the workforce.  These days, it has grown into an international event that employers all across the world celebrate.  JDi Data is glad for the opportunity to recognize these invaluable employees by being a proud sponsor of the upcoming Broward County Women Lawyers’ Association (BCWLA) luncheon in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.
Administrative Professionals’ Day emerged out of the recesses of World War II when the National Secretaries Association was formed in response to an increased demand in vocations.  Initially, the organization was designed to facilitate the interests of those within the secretarial field to ensure proper respect for the position.  The organization quickly grew and began to soon spread outside the U.S.  In 1981, the name was changed to Professional Secretaries International to showcase their new growth and recognition.  The continuing progress of the organization also signaled an advancement in the job’s responsibilities, and in ’98, the name was again changed to the International Association of Administrative Professionals.
The BCWLA is a group professionals dedicated to unifying and promoting the advancement of women within the legal industry.  Throughout the year, they host monthly luncheons that are meant to provide networking opportunities and educational guidance to help ensure the success of their members.  In recognizing the upcoming Administrative Professionals’ Day, the BCWLA has dedicated April’s luncheon to all administrative professionals, not just members.  The event will be offering free gift bags, raffle tickets, and other cool prizes to those who help make all of our jobs possible.
JDi Data is thrilled to contribute to such an outstanding organization, and we hope it will not be our last.  Many of our products are focused on helping professionals within the legal industry, by streamlining daily workflow habits into intuitive, easy to use software.  This enables our products to handle complex issues of litigation, mediation, and subrogation in a manner that efficiently lowers business operating costs for clients of all sizes.  In the end, our products stand together to provide administrative duties that would typically overwhelm even the best administrative assistant -making everyone’s lives easier.  If you know any administrative assistants, be sure to take a moment out of your day to give them thanks, they’ll appreciate it.