Advantages of Using A Legal Billing Software

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Legal billing software is a one-stop device for all administrative and accounts-related activities of legal attorney offices and law firms. This custom-made software is a potential automated system for tracking time and expenses against each of their cases by means of slip retrieval and a detailed description of the said organization. The software is also known as attorney billing software. These commercial software programs keep track of official notes, track expenses, and keep a record of the time spent on every project dealt with by the legal firm. According to the setting of the programs, these system modules keep track of the hourly involvement of an attorney organization regarding each of the cases therefore these are also called hourly billing software.

The prime activities of legal billing software

The prime activities of legal billing software are multifaceted and versatile and it can be programmed according to the requirement of a specific attorney’s office.

In general, the prime activities are

  • Generating bills, and collecting official letters, tasks, and notes in a user-friendly manner.
  • Coordinating with clients regarding their case status and billing depending on the hourly basis service allotted.
  • The program keeps track of the total accounts including un-build, unpaid, and retainer balances.
  • Enter time and expense cards separately using timesheets weekly/fortnightly to the clients.
  • Trust accounting features, which incorporate compatibility with other account management-related programs.
  • Flexi control of the invoice/billing cycles and ensures 100% accurate trust account tracking.
  • Facility to set permission levels for users
  • Pop-Up reminders reminding about a due project to pursue: choice of Invoice layouts
  • complete reports on multiple aspects of existing business [Cash Flow, Payables, Receivables, etc])
  • Pop-Up prompt if any client’s Debit account becomes overdue
  • Tracks hours worked per project, per client basis.

The use of legal billing software saves time, controls expenses on manpower, and improves efficiency in the billing system of a law firm. This software is designed for keeping the track of activities of attorneys and legal advisors and hence these system modules are called attorney billing software. The software helps in creating a variety of reports that will be helpful for a firm to run a law practice and serve the clients with the best possible job related to documentation.

As these software systems are in great demand different types of legal billing software programs are available in the market. Therefore before purchasing such a system one consumer must know the intricacies of each of these systems and the efficiency level of the entire system should be judged. Once the system is installed in the office administration module, it helps in the implementation of auto workflow, especially in the billing system, which increases accuracy and output. The use of attorney billing software programs enhances productivity thus bringing customer satisfaction as well as a quick turnaround time for the account settlement even under dire work pressure.