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Every Solution Starts with A Story

From the start, JDi was established with one goal: to use cutting-edge technological advancements to optimize company work processes.  Our focus has always been on providing custom solutions that increase our client’s productivity and deliver a return on investment while remaining affordable.

JDi first opened its doors with Claims Manager in 1996. Since then, we’ve expanded with TimesManager, Vendor Cost Control, CTrax, FlowBot, AssignLinq, and Policy Administrator – but this is only the beginning! It’s been an amazing ride and we’re very excited for a bright future ahead.

Setting Ourselves Apart from the Competition

Our team understands your industry – we don’t just plug in a solution and walk away. We take the time to analyze your processes to identify inefficiency gaps and recognize areas of opportunity for workflow optimization. Our innovative spirit is what drives us to be an industry thought leader. We work every day to provide partner-centric customer service and best-in-class software solutions for the insurance industry.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors by putting an emphasis on innovation and our client’s individual needs. We’ve survived this long because know that every company has a unique set of obstacles that require unique solutions.

Throughout the years we’ve experienced monumental successes and braved through many challenging times as well. However, any challenge we’ve gone through has made us stronger and better than before.

An Anniversary Message from JDi’s Founder, James DeRosa

It’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since JDi first opened its doors. While I did have big plans for the corporation, I never thought we would grow into such a diverse ecosystem of integrated risk management products all developed by our world-class team of industry experts with a dedication to servicing our clients and automating complex workflows.

In celebration of reaching our 25th anniversary, I take this opportunity to thank my team for making JDi an industry leader and our loyal clients who have placed their faith and trust in our company throughout the decades. This milestone wouldn’t have been accomplished without you.

Thank you for our success. This is only the beginning!