finance department showing report to their boss

Jim: “Hi Christine!” Christine: “Khm, excuse me, hi!” Jim: “One, two, three, hi Christine!” Christine: “Hi Jim! How are you?” Jim: “I’m wonderful, thank you! It’s good to be here and have some fun and as we do these impromptu videos, we’re getting comfortable doing them, and I’m actually enjoying it a lot more, I […]

Claims Manager – Managing Claims in the Construction Industry

technical drawings of bolt and nut engineering

There’s no getting around the fact that construction environments are loaded with unforeseen claims-producing conditions. Even with the best risk assessment practices and mitigation provisions, accidents happen on construction sites.  As the construction industry progresses and becomes more complicated, claims are also becoming more complicated. Construction statistics from 2020 indicate that there is not only […]

JDi Sponsors and Exhibits at San Diego’s CLM Construction Conference 2021

For over two decades, JDi’s VCC and CTrax have dominated complex financial litigation for construction defects. Our pristine 30-year reputation with insurers, law firms, and developers results in quick recovery times. Learn from the best in the business as our Founder and Chairman, James DeRosa, shares invaluable industry insights and knowledge. The CLM Construction Conference […]