How Automation Helps Improve Claims Management Workflow

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Insurance claims software improves workflow, makes communication more efficient, and helps keep track of details important to each claim. This will increase performance and customer satisfaction for any company. An efficient claims management system gives employees more time to address the higher risk issues and deliver better customer service.

The Benefits of Automating Claims Management Systems

Starting with the first notice of loss, the software begins assembling a claim file, making sure to have all of the right information. It validates the claim data against the customer’s policy so there are no issues as to what is covered. It can also begin managing emails and postal mail to acknowledge the claim and give status updates. Automating communications means the customer keeps current on the status of their claim without having to call the office frequently.

Claims software also manages the claims file with alerts to staff to review and provide the missing information. Notes, emails, and other communications are linked with the claim for easy reference. Some systems allow the uploading of other documents, such as estimates and expense reports, to be retained with the claim. Flexible claims systems allow the use of templates in creating correspondence for different types of customers.

The best claims systems offer integration with other office systems without requiring a lot of manual and duplicate input. Spreadsheets may be uploaded and data may be extracted in spreadsheet format. Existing claims adjustment systems easily integrate with the new claims management system so data can be viewed through one system.

Increased Claims Management Security & Other Benefits

Security is a big concern for claim professionals so any claims system will make sure that the claim and policy information is secure and accessible only by those working on the claim.

Other benefits that an office will see from a claims management solution include:

  • Allow multiple claimants and claims under each customer
  • Upload or attach photos, sound files, videos, and other documents to the claim file
  • Schedule correspondence to be delivered
  • Perform batch and on-demand check creation


By automating the workflow of a claim, there are no missed details, the staff is notified when to follow up, and customers can see that their claim is being processed. Customer satisfaction is improved and the staff deals with fewer issues. There is a higher chance of repeat and new business due to happier customers.