JDi provides a premiere suite of technology solutions for multiple industries, including finance, government, legal, and insurance.

While each industry has unique needs, our team specializes in aligning processes with technology to meet challenging regulatory or industry requirements. We help industry leaders thrive by introducing automation, digitization, and speed – setting them apart to clients while minimizing overall risk to their organization.


JDi is dedicated to helping government entities meet their most challenging regulatory requirements. Every day, federal government agencies must meet evolving standards while overcoming data collection challenges, and complex audit requirements. Compliance is essential. JDi helps government entities navigate the main challenges that come with compliance mandates, including lack of real-time data across systems, heterogeneous technology, and the inability to customize applications to organizational needs.


JDi provides vendor cost control for Construction Defect, AI Risk Transfer, Indemnity Defense, Environmental, Asbestos, Tort and Personal Industry. While some may assume compliance is second nature to a law firm, the processes and protocols required to keep a law firm compliant are incredibly complex. Maintaining completely accurate data and information is the difference between a credible, successful law firm and a law firm that loses its clients.


JDi’s host of compliance and risk management solutions streamline vital process for the insurance industry, allowing for risk management and mitigation. The insurance industry is consistently in a state of change. New technologies, evolving processes, and growing client demands are the major drivers for transformation. Data is constantly being created and leveraged. The quantity of data being used makes it increasingly important for the quality to be top tier. Improving the quality of analytical data allows insurance agencies to gain meaningful insights into improving processes and client experiences.


JDi Data’s powerful suite of products provides financial organizations with a complete toolkit to maximize their business processes – maximizing security and minimizing risk. Today’s financial institutions face a variety of compliance requirements that protect businesses, consumers, and the United States financial system. Financial compliance is crucial for every type of organization – which makes managing the changing regulations integral part of the financial community’s responsibilities.

No matter your industry, our team of experts can help you find the right application to optimize your workflows. That’s the JDi difference – we understand each organization presents a unique set of requirements. We understand your industry – we don’t plug in a standard solution and walk away. We take the time to analyze processes, identify inefficiency gaps, and recognize areas of opportunity for optimization.

If you are looking for a trusted and experience technology partner – JDi Data is ready to provide the tools and expertise you need to truly succeed.