West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar

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JDi Data will be attending this year’s West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar taking place May 17 and 18, 2012 at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim California USA. We would love to meet you there.

What’s So Special About This Year’s Seminar?

This year marks the 19thy Anniversary of the West Coast Casualty Construction Defect Seminar and for 2012, they will bring the construction defect community to a much higher level and more visually exciting event because of plans they’ve been working on since the closure of their 2011 event.

Topics and Speakers

This year’s topics and speakers include:

“Important Court Decisions Impacting Construction Defect Claims”

Tom Halliwell, Esq. and Barry Vaughan, Esq.

“Arbitrate? Let’s See You Make Me!”

Jennifer C. Lyons, Esq., Greg Dillion, Esq., Matt Argue, Esq., Adrienne Cohen, Esq., John Horn, Esq. and Ronald Hartmann, Esq.,

“Mediating the Mediation Process: What Works, What Doesn’t Work and Just Why is it So Darn Different from State to State?”

Peter Brown, Esq., David Lee, Esq., Hon. Michael Cherry, David Pursiano, Esq.,

Ivan Sarkissian, Esq., Rick Righi, Esq., Jack Levy, Esq. and Robin Kahn

“Why do We Need to Know Certain Things and How Decisions are Made . . . Construction Defect Claims and Insurance: A Primer on Insurance from a Claims Professional’s Point of View”

Phyllis Modlin, Todd Schweitzer, Teresa Wolcott, and Lee Wright

“Social Networking Sites: Strategies, Ethical Pitfalls and Practice Pointers for Litigating and Winning Your Construction Defect Case”

Stephen Henning, Esq. and Daniel Berman, Esq.

“Meet Your Judges, a Candid Discussion on Construction Defect Claims and Litigation from the Bench . . .” 

Hon. Nancy M. Saitta, Chief Justice, Nevada Supreme Court

Hon. M. Sue Kurita, Judge, El Paso County Court at Law Number Six, TX

Hon. Juan Ramirez, Jr., Judge, Third District Court of Appeal, Florida

Hon. Clifton Newman, Judge, South Carolina Circuit Court

Hon. Rex Heeseman, Judge, Los Angeles County Superior Court

“Occupy Crawford”

Richard D. Seely, Esq., Josh Keane, Esq., and Douglas Rafner, Esq.

“The Voyage of the Yellow Brass Submarine or New Defects.com – A look at emerging defect theories in a modern world.”

Adrienne Cohen, Esq., Howard Taylor, Matthew Adler, Ken Kasdan, Esq.,

Hon. Steven Sundvold (ret) and Tim Earl, Esq.

“Behind the Scenes: The Secret Lives of Brokers and Underwriters, What do they really do, anyway?”

Susan M. Bryan, Scott Whiteside, Erik Davis, and Alan Packer, Esq.

“Current Trends in Effectively Handling SB 800 cases”

Matthew Argue, Esq., Charles Litt, Esq., Joyia Greenfield, Esq., Kathleen Carpenter, Esq., and Phil Collias, Esq.

“Top Five Issues Involving Wrap Policies”

John O’Hara, Esq., Mark Milstein, Esq., Michael Mawson

“Housing Boom & Bust – Is it the End of Construction Defect Litigation as We Know It?”

Wendy Wilcox, Esq., Michael Sargent, Esq., Bruce Wick, Ted Bumgardner, and Gary London

“Been There Done That … Now What?”

Jacqueline Stein, Esq., Hon. Mark Gibbons, Ross Feinberg, Esq., Greg Dillion, Esq., Adrienne Cohen, Esq., and Luke Ryan, Esq.

Science and Technology Fair

Also expect to see their Science and Technology Fair this year which will feature some new technologies for construction and construction defect matters which you may not have seen before. It remains our goal that this Science and Technology Fair will focus on current aspects of technology as well as what is on the horizon to address the issues of new construction and to repair current construction defect issues which will also include green issues.

Look for the JDi Data hole at their  Second Annual Construction Defect Community Charitable Foundation Golf Tournament, Friday, May 18, 2012, at the Strawberry Farm Golf Course, in Irvine, California. Look forward to seeing you there!