Claims and Risk Management Industry News Update

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A comprehensive review of the insurance claims and risk management industry featured topics for the month of August.  Have another good article to share? Share it in the comments section and we can add it to the list.

Using Technology to Improve

Just as technology can enhance a company’s risk management program, it can also provide many benefits for captives. Better software can improve both data analytics that bolsters risk-financing decisions and the workflow that supports day-to-day management of the program.

Risk Insurance Software For Better Insurance Management

Most of those insurance brokers square measure specialized in the world of monetary investments in addition to risk management and play a necessary intercessor role between customers and insurance suppliers. These brokers work with thorough information of insurance business and that they promote policies reckoning all doable risks and also the money regularities unappeasable. Such a broker is found operating as a person or as a skilled organization.

Is Information Security an Impossible Dream?

When an executive responsible for data security told me he wouldn’t bank on his mobile phone, I didn’t waver from my habits one bit. Am I part of a problem?

Cloud Safety In Question

With cloud computing emerging as the go-to technology for server storage, the recent outage at Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud in Northern Virginia serves as a reminder of the risks of this still-evolving technology.