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Claims Manager’s integrated solutions streamline workflow by helping you administer, adjust, and report your property and casualty claims.

Claims Manager is a versatile, and simple to use Risk Management Information System that offers tomorrow’s solutions, today.  Its intuitive interface seamlessly integrates with an automated workflow that is accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.  Letting you easily capture, benchmark, administer, and report claims for all lines of property and casualty insurance.

Since its inception, Claims Manager has provided a flexible and powerful platform for the insurance industry to streamline their daily needs.  With an award-winning support team that offers comprehensive coverage on a completely configurable system, Claims Manager® is the only solution you will ever need.  Quietly handling all claim information –in one place– autonomously. Integration with Microsoft Outlook and many other popular applications of today


With Claims Manager Report Builder, you can create custom reports in summary format for transactions, losses, nitty-gritty extract and claim diary. Access your reports from a customizable widget library.

Who Do We Serve?

In addition to comprehensive reporting and complete control of the entire claims process, Claims Manager fully integrates with Policy Administrator to offer the most effective solution available for small to medium sized carriers.  During development, our goal was to create an all-in-one location that could fully handle everything carriers need ―from underwriting and policy administration, to a comprehensive claim history.  Meanwhile, our advanced loss-ratio reporting allows you to easily access a detailed history of all claims so that you can instantly generate and issue accurate estimates for new quotes and renewals.  If you’re looking to take your operations to the next level, CM® is all you need for creating the difference you want.


    Administer policies for small to medium sized carriers


    Features underwriting, policy administration and a comprehensive claim history, a complete solution for carriers


    Easily generate reports and issue new estimates for quotes and renewals

Risk Pools

We specifically built Claims Manager from the ground up to eliminate risk and provide full insight into pool activity for one simple reason ―we understand the many allures and dangers of sharing risk and reward.  Claims Manager allows you to standardize the claims process by providing a single convergence of data that consolidates all parties of the pool’s information into one super accessible location.  This ensures that all claims are attended to and closed as quickly as possible.  CM® for pools finally gives everyone complete access into all of their critical affairs, which eliminates duplicate drafts and makes better premiums even more accessible.


    Bring in clarity & reduce your risk


    Consolidate all parties of Pools information


    Software is cloud-based, contains desktop & mobile capabilities


JDi recognizes that it is essential for self-insureds to be able to assess all of their information at a moment’s glance.  Claims Manager makes it possible to stop second-guessing if you’re properly managing risk and finally take control of saving countless company dollars.  Our proprietary Claims Manager component, ReportBuilder, functions as your company’s custom treasure map for showing all of the hidden details you didn’t know existed.  Claims Manager ensures that you understand exactly what you need, guaranteeing that you can effectively optimize expenditure while slashing risk.


    Intuitive software built for you in mind


    Make better decisions through user-friendly analytical data


    Report through pre-made templates or customize to your needs

Third Party Administrators

JDi built Claims Manager to function as the most efficient client relationship solution available.  The super convenient client portal gives your customers direct access to all of their data, making sure that they’re never left in the dark and are always within their info’s reach.  Plus, the advanced reporting features make it a cinch to quickly analyze adjuster activity for total transparency on the time spent for any claim.  Since Third Party Administrators also need to bill their clients, you can seamlessly integrate it with JDi’s Times Manager for automated invoicing on the fly.  Thus, creating a previously unseen collaboration for all of your processes while saving you time and money.


    Customers gain direct access to their information at anytime


    Quickly analyze adjuster activities for complete transparency


    Billing made seamlessly, and invoice on-the-go


Every solution starts with a story – here at JDi Data, we transform our customer’s stories into innovative solutions for the insurance industry. 
We recognize that not all organizations are created equal – every business brings a unique set of requirements to the table. Our premiere set of software solutions allow organizations to invest in tools that truly transform their day-to-day processes. 
Our team comes with the experience necessary not only to configure software, but also to consult on processes. We offer thorough business analysis to identify inefficiency gaps and recognize areas of opportunity for workflow optimization. An industry thought leader – JDi leads the pack in partner-centric customer service and customizable software solutions for the insurance industry. 


Our team was uniquely curated to include industry professionals with incredibly diverse experience and talents. The JDi approach is centered on agile methodology and an information technology infrastructure library, allowing our team to evaluate each unique business situation to ensure improved implementation and operations. Whether it is a turn-key solution or a completely customized system, our team of professionals will deliver your project on time and on budget. 


Innovation is a constant pursuit. JDi is constantly working to enhance our suite of products through research, development, and feed-back from our loyal customer base. For example, one of our signature solution enhancements is Claims Manager’s one of the kind workflow engine. The workflow engine was designed for the sole purpose to automate administrative tasks wherever possible allowing examiners to spend more time on valuable tasks such as communicating with an injured employee. ReportBuilder is a unique ad-hoc tool designed to help all user, from beginners to experts, build reports in minutes. This easy-to-use platform allows the user to select any data element that is captured within CM for the report including custom and calculated fields. 
Our team is constantly revitalizing and rebuilding our solutions – providing regular updates and product changes requested by our clients. Claims Manager is a living solution, constantly being improved to better fit your organization’s needs. 

Policy Administrator serves as an end-to-end platform for tracking, managing, and issuing policies. Our solution remains user-friendly, while incorporating avariety of features to increase productivity.