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Every now and then, a certain colleague distinguishes themselves from their peers, so much so, that they deserve acknowledgement.  At JDi Data, we believe it is important to applaud others for their hard work and commitment throughout the years.  It allows for an opportunity to say, “Thank you, we appreciate everything you’ve done for us”.
It’s with this in mind that JDi Data proudly announces the well-earned success for two of our longtime colleagues and friends, Lisa Unger and Caryn Siebert.  Lisa Unger has worked tirelessly as the Senior Claims Manager at Markel Service Inc., as well as in her additional roles at the ADR Committee, helping to ensure the settlement of numerous matters.  It is without a doubt that she deserves the award donned upon her by The CLM Alliance as Claims Management Professional of the Year.
Caryn Siebert has ardently dedicated herself as Vice President of Knight Insurance Group, distinguishing herself time and again as a remarkable proponent of the insurance industry.  It is her outstanding merit that has earned her recognition as CLM’s Litigation Professional of the Year.
JDi is thrilled for our two friend’s accomplishments and want to take this moment to thank them personally for all of their hard work.  Congratulations to the two of you, you deserve the honor!