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To maximize our client’s technology choices, JDi Data continues to deliver value with our premier comprehensive and innovative cost administrative service Vendor Cost Control to facilitate immediate solutions with real-time reporting and time-saving techniques that lower business costs and provide reconciliation during complex construction-defect litigation. We pride ourselves on staying up to date with the latest news in the construction defect industry. 

Check out a few construction defect related headlines that caught our attention:

Conn. High Court Says CGLs Can Cover Construction Defects

The Connecticut Supreme Court held Monday that property damage from faulty work can be covered under commercial general liability policies, siding against American Motorists Insurance Co. in a coverage battle over defects in a $39 million construction project at the University of Connecticut.

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Solar Construction: Too Hot to Handle?

The solar construction industry has been extremely hot in recent years. Perhaps, too hot.

The sector’s rapid growth has led to an oversupply of solar panels, which has turned up the heat on manufacturers to lower prices. Now some experts are questioning whether these manufacturers have compromised the quality in some of the millions of solar panels installed across the country and, if so, whether this will lead to a giant wave of defect litigation for this fledgling industry and its insurers.

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Northern Nevada builders make one, final push with a construction-defect bill that is less ambitious than before

The builders and contractors will give one big, final push Sunday to get construction-defect legislation through the Democratically-dominated and sometimes outwardly hostile Nevada Legislature.

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NJ Ruling Helps Cos. Deflect Blame In Construction Suits

The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled Thursday that companies fighting construction litigation can argue that defendants already dismissed from a case are to blame, a decision that could limit their liability and stop claimants from targeting companies with the deepest pockets, experts say.

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