Mercedes-Benz Corporate 5K – JDi Data Dashers

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The annually held corporate 5K run produced by TeamFootworks and sponsored by Mercedes Benz took place in Huizenga Park on April 5th. The JDI Data team, consisting of 19 participants going by the name of “The JDI Data Dashers” participated for the second time in the run. The marathon became a popular participation destination with having 8,000 participants from 268 different companies the previous year. The event surpassed the previous year’s 5K run, wherein the attendance rate was only a couple hundred participants. Today, the run is still growing, attracting more companies that include employer and employee participants as well.

This year the participants brought a varying skill scale along with their enthusiasm. Every participant, according to their skills, ran the marathon at their own pace. Our top five participants include:

  1. J. Fritz – 27:04 (8:42/mi pace). He has already participated in the Mercedes Benz 5K last year. He enjoys running at his own pace day by day, however, he does not participate in any other large running events.
  2. Michael Del Fierro – 34:45 (11:10/mi pace)
  3. Nancy Castillo – 35:20 (11:22/mi pace)
  4. Jesse Peinado – 35:31 (11:22/mi pace)
  5. Rosanne Matthews – 40:27 (13:01/mi pace)

Melissa Hull, a relatively new member of the JDI Team, participated in her first Corporate Run as part of the JDI Data Dashers. She described the event as “fun” and enjoyed watching the employees from various companies take part. While she, in her opinion, took her time to finish the race, Melissa found joy in simply participating and being around her co-workers.
JDI Data prides itself on not only providing an exceptional product but also making sure our employees are exceptional in both mind and body. With the sedentary nature of our office careers, maintaining sufficient levels of activity is crucial to our well-being and productivity. JDI is more than happy to involve our team in events that give us all one giant endorphin rush!