Benefits of a Paperless Claims Management System Environment

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In today’s claims management department implementing a paperless claims management system can sometimes be looked at as an unattainable goal. Difficulty and disruption are high on the list of reasons most claims professionals stay with their antiquated workflow processes.  

Considering a paperless claims system is now a necessity with hard copies overtaking the claims work environment.

Benefits Of Moving Into Paperless Claims Environment

Moving into a paperless claims environment comes with several benefits:

Enhanced Document Depository

With today’s technology, Google-type searches, instant retrieval, and information overflow, sophisticated users are demanding.  Retrieving documents immediately has become a necessity. 

The benefit of a paperless claims management system is access to a robust document depository tool that is designed to supplement and aid in all electronic document storage. Claim managers will have the option to receive, store and view all claim documents electronically.

Updated Business Processes

Going paperless puts a direct spotlight on all current policies and procedures. All claims processes will need to be re-configured to work in tandem with the updated paperless policy. This gives insurers and claims professionals the opportunity to work hand in hand with other departments and vendors to re-work the claims process in a paperless fashion that increases customer satisfaction and decreases costs. 

The relationship between the IT team and the claims department is maximized with an increased amount of communication to create an ideal paperless system that interacts with all functions seamlessly.

Saving Costs

A paperless claim system sets up the foundation for a faster turnaround time for claims and gives adjusters the needed information to process claims efficiently. The less time spent on the claims handling increases the savings amount for salaried time spent on each claim. Insurers are also able to create more informed decisions regarding each claim, resulting in lower claim costs.


With an entire company’s global operations now connected creates cross-department collaborations, and adjusters can create a transparent and efficient environment that welcomes improved business operations. 

Time zones, office locations, will no longer be a deciding factor in the claims handling process. Having a constant view of claims on a real-time basis creates a turn-key process with additional support including task reminders, the input of pre-defined data, and a streamlined process

In the end, creating a paperless claims management system requires an open mind, a strong vision, a forward-thinking vendor, and the willingness to embrace today’s new technology. Transitioning to a paperless claims system is an intricate process of carefully piecing together a complicated puzzle. The end goal will be the benefit of increasing the quality of claim outcomes and improving the customer‘s experience.