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When logging in to Claims Manager you will first be directed to the “Pending Claims Diaries Summary” window. This screen only appears when logging in and cannot be accessed independently. It will notify you of your “diaries” and categorize them by when they are due.

You will be able to see your individual diaries and if you are a supervisor you can view the diaries of everyone who reports to you. You can also see how many open claims without open diaries you have.

To access your “diaries’ and open claims without open diaries you can do so by clicking the hyperlink provided. This window will appear every time you log in but you can choose not to be reminded again by clicking the check box.

Once you are logged into claim manager you can still view your diaries across all claims by clicking on the diaries menu. You will usually create a diary from within a claim but you can also create one from the diaries page by clicking create a new claim diary. A new window will appear that will allow you to select the claim to attach the diary.

The claim search will only populate open claims that you have access to. Select the claim then click Save to proceed in creating the diary.

The following window allows you to select the type of diary, the status of the diary, who it is assigned to, and the review date. When selecting a date, you can choose a specific date or choose to be notified of a select number of days from when the diaries are created.

  • After adding a subject line and task description you can mark this diary as urgent and also sent it to outlook. When sending to outlook it will notify whoever the diary is assigned to and notify them when it is due.

An important feature in the diary system is the ability to set recurring diaries. Select a number of interval days you want to be reminded followed by the total number of diaries you want to create excluding the current claim diary you are creating. You can view all the diaries attached to a claim by selecting and going to the “diaries” tab. Here you can see all the information relating to the diaries such as priority, the task, what is it assigned to, and the status of the diary. The actions column will allow you to reopen completed claims and also follow up or close any pending claims.