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Large businesses often require numerous vendors and subcontractors that they must use to conduct their affairs and accomplish the day’s tasks.  By law, certain professions are required to carry adequate insurance to protect them against any type of liability.  Oftentimes, a business wants to ensure that the vendor they’re hiring is operating in full accordance with these regulations. They also want to confirm that everyone involved is covered in case of an incident.  Manually keeping track of these Certificates of Insurance is an extensive affair that can quickly become an overwhelming process due to the sheer volume of paperwork and correspondence that is required.  CTrax solves this issue by providing an automated system that keeps track and stores all of a business’s COIs in an easily accessible document library.

The CTrax document library is a comprehensive filing system that provides instant access to all relevant COI information, such as the COI code, providers’ names, coverages, status, and the dates requested.  The document library provides an endless amount of storage for all certificates and relevant documentation, so that users are never limited by the amount of space that they need for handling their affairs.  CTrax has a global search bar that will scan the entire system for any type of information (e.g., provider name, date, etc.), allowing users to expeditiously find any document or particular piece of information as needed, without having to do an exact search. Additionally, the document library breaks down the COIs between those under process, and those that are ready for coverage.  Under the coverage section, users can access a PDF version of their ACORD forms by simply clicking it.  If there was a mistake, or if a correction needs to be made, users and quickly edit the document on the fly.

Through the document library, CTrax users have 24/7, year-round access to all of their documentation from any computer or mobile device.  CTrax is the critical solution to COI management that businesses have been yearning for.  The system was built entirely from the ground up with the end-user in mind, for an intuitive system that is convenient for immediate use.  The paperless solution makes filing cabinets a thing of the past, while promoting a green ideology that reduces the natural resources required by businesses.  At the same time, the completely electronic system saves money and eliminates hours of valuable time searching for information.

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