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The documents tab within a claim in Claims Manager has a lot of functionality including the ability for users to generate letters or PDFs from within the claim file. The claim data will automatically merge into these documents for the user making it easy to generate correspondence from the claim file. Once these are generated from the claim file they are automatically added into the documents section of the claim where the documents are organized by document types.

Click on the “Add New Document” link and you will be directed to a new window where you will attach the needed document file and insert the required information based on the document. You can also notify users of a document being added. If left on categorized the document will be moved to the uncategorized folder. By clicking on “actions” you can re-enter the document and assign it to a document type or you can select the check box and on the drop-down menu select move to a different folder. You can also export the document by downloading it to your computer, saving it to a shared file, or by emailing it directly from Claims Manager.

Claims Manager also has a utility called incoming document which is an inbox for adjusters. Documents received from external sources QuickStor, Bill Review, Portals, or any external sources that Claims Manager has connections to. Get added into this incoming documents queue.

Adjusters can see the documents that are assigned to their claims and if they are supervisors they will be able to see their direct report documents as well. Before you can acknowledge a document you must first be assigned the document to a claim or to another user if you are unsure of where it belongs.

Once it has been assigned you can then acknowledge your document has been moved to the right claim and while doing so you can also re-categorize a  selected document to a document type or subtype.

Claims Manager comes with a document repository that stores everything within the database including documents in their native format but also allows integration with external document management systems. So by clicking on the document link you can be directed to the Claims Manager document depository or to an existing document management system a client has installed.

Another key feature within Claims Manager QuickStor plugin allows you to upload emails from outlook and documents from your file explorer.

For more information, watch our QuickStor tutorial.