JDi Data partnered with Enviant: Environmental Insurance and Risk Management to ensure its seamless delivery of integrated solutions, which is the central tenet of Enviant’s philosophy, by implementing Claims Manager® (CM).


Website: https://enviant.com/



Enviant offers a full suite of environmental insurance products. Enviant ‘s previous method of claims management was cumbersome, and data/details were not easily accessible for reports and auditing.


Enviant sought to report and analyze policy and claim data, compiling all such data into a single report. After a synergic meeting of the minds, Enviant’s Sean Upton and JDi’s James DeRosa concurred: A change was essential to meet Enviant’s various processing needs, recommended requirements, and ultimate goals industry excellence. After implementing CM, Enviant now has an efficient operating system with robust reporting and data analytics tools.

The partner’s CM journey has only just begun!

Enviant: Your Environment Risk Partner

A multidisciplinary team of underwriting, engineering, and claims experts, Enviant delivers integrated solutions that guard against today’s environmental risks.

It offers a full suite of environmental products and services engineered to perform in all phases from initial underwriting through claims resolution. In an increasingly complex environmental landscape, Enviant’s goal is to provide a higher level of service and technical expertise to clients in a breadth of industries, including:

  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Multifamily residential and commercial real estate
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Universities and public entities
  • Environmental services contractors
  • Consultants and engineers
  • Construction general contractors
  • Construction trade contractors
  • Energy

The Claims Management House That JDi Built With Enviant

…a home is an ever-advancing work in progress

Enviant partnered with JDi to revitalize its claims management process by implementing Claims Manager® (CM). Enviant connected with JDi to build a customized and flexible claims administration system that could evolve and grow as it grew. James DeRosa, JDi’s chairman, and founder recognized an opportunity to introduce CM as the ideal solution, and the business relationship commenced.

While CM provided the promised data capture, workflow, and reporting, the third-party claims auditors provided the ultimate validation.

Sean Upton, Enviant’s principal and head of claims, explains, “What is unique about our success story is that these auditors are exposed to just about every claim system out there. They completed the audit using CM with little to no instruction and made a point post-audit to praise CM. They were genuinely impressed with the ease of use and navigation, ability to cross-reference notes and documents, and direct access to policy information. They found the financial module to be simple yet adequately detailed.” Upton continues, “Happy auditors tend to produce a better audit!”

Since its inception, CM has been a flexible and powerful platform for the insurance industry to streamline daily claims processing needs. JDi’s award-winning support team offers comprehensive coverage on an utterly configurable system. CM is the only solution you’ll ever need—quietly, automatically managing all claim information in one place. CM integrates well with Microsoft Outlook and various other popular applications of today.

Both Enviant and JDi worked through the hiccups, clarified the needs, issues, and tailored the CM system expertly to meet Enviant’s expectations. Upton credits JDi with being responsive and prioritizing Enviant’s requirements. Although it took about three months to establish CM for Enviant’s purposes due to the complexity of merging systems, data glitches, and customization, Upton reports CM is functioning aptly. “My people are happy, and our claims operation is unquestionably easier.”

Enviant continues to be a resolute partner with JDi, providing valuable feedback on developing, enhancing, and challenging the CM solution. “We want to maximize CM’s capabilities and make our life even easier! The next steps include increasing productivity from the system, improving and harnessing data reporting, automating processes, and repackaging reports to present the exact data required by each of our business partners in a way that they want to see it,” summarizes Upton.