The financial industry is moving faster than ever – automation, security, and compliance have never been more important. Today’s financial institutions face a variety of compliance requirements that protect businesses, consumers, and the United States financial system. Financial compliance is crucial for every type of organization – which makes managing the changing regulations integral part of the financial community’s responsibilities. Whether it is employee misconduct issues or evolving cybersecurity requirements, JDi Data’s powerful suite of products provides any financial organization the complete toolkit to maximize their business and minimize their risk.

JDi’s insurance and compliance product offering creates a strong backbone for financial reporting. Claims Manager claim adjudication software hub produces policy information and loss run statistics for accuracy in reporting by identifying loss ratio issues, reserve tracking, large loss indicators and the reporting database provides connectivity to business intelligence tools in addition to our own proprietary reporting.
Financial exposure as a result of third-party relationships is protected by the certificate of insurance tracking mechanism offered in CTrax. The financial community welcomes risk transfer opportunities which substantially reduce risk.
Flowbot conducts and manages complex, rule-dependent tasks by integrating through API portals numerous actions automatic and conditional sequential and cross-platform communications. From marketing to finance, gain easy access to updated data, enjoy quick and secure integration, spend less time on routine operations, and look forward to higher ROI.
When it comes to tracking certificates of insurance, CTrax is the ideal SAAS solution for the finance industry, handling COI entry, filing, and management. Having the Certificates of Insurance on-hand isn’t enough – compliance is key but devoting time to manual spreadsheets only guarantees additional work down the road without guarding against potential manual errors. Easily schedule renewal requests and generate emails that quickly communicate with necessary parties about their policy status.
Moving from paper to a next-generation digital solution doesn’t have to be painful. JDi works with organizations to re-invent their document depository process, helping to design automated workflows for naming conventions and file processes. Using OCR technology, JDi’s suite of risk management products will instantly read and populate your documents into a standardized system – saving hours of manual entry.