What is eFNOL (Electronic First Notification of Loss)?

What is eFNol?
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What is eFNOL?

Electronic First Notification of Loss is the initial report that is given to the insurance company after injury, damage, or loss to an insured. It is the formal claims process system and builds a better connection between the insured, claimant, provider, and the insurance company.

Usually, the First Notification of Loss is done manually with the expense of mass researching and call-center-based services that require the gathering of data. With eFNOL speed with which claims are handled increases while cycle time and operational costs decrease.

Digital FNOL is built on artificial intelligence services, machine learning, and computer operations that help improve the speed of adjudication, fraud detection, and damage estimates.

With the efficiency of eFNOL the time needed for evaluating claimants and insured losses decreases, providing effective services at a beneficial cost.

How eFNOL Works?

The eFNOL system notice advises the insurer of the potential filing of any formal or official claims. The typical process involves the insured, claimant, and anyone else involved in the process of the loss, damage and/or bodily injuries.

The insurance company invokes a series of procedures from the time that the insurer and the insured are alerted to thoroughly investigate exposures and damages.

What is a Claim Notification ?

Claim Notification is a standard procedure of the First Notification of Loss services. Claim notifications informing insurance providers that a loss or an injury has occurred. Losses, personal injuries, and damages are reported immediately and reserves are established soon after the notification has been filed.

What Happens After FNOL and eFNOL?

After the First Notification of Loss, the insurance company communicates with the insured/claimant on where and how the event happened. The insurer is reviewing the policy limits and coverages to be sure the claim is a valid claim against a covered risk in the policy.

What is loss report insurance?

After the initial filing of the First Notification of Loss (FNOL) the insurance company gets a listing on the reported claims with details about the incident such as time, people involved, whereabouts, the amount paid, and a type of claim.

Why are FNOL services important?

FNOL and eFNOL services enhance the services and the bond between an insurance company and the insured/claimant. It provides immediate information about what happens to the claimant and is an effective form of building trust between insurance companies and claimants searching for insurance services.

eFNOL Benefits:

  • Operational efficiency and customer agility
  • Reduced time in claim intake-related costs
  • Faster claims solutions
  • Better Customer retention
  • Early action improves the loss ratio




  • When an injury occurs or property is lost, damaged, or stolen, the eFNOL process is the initial digital report that is made to the insurance company.
  • It differs from the official filing, which occurs after the loss or damage to the property has been officially received by the insurance company.
  • During the process, specific details must be provided in the eFNOL and the report. Information includes the date, time, what happened, and the police report (if filed). The details also have to include the person, location, and if any witnesses were present.