Aligning processes with technology, JDI is dedicated to helping government entities meet their most challenging regulatory requirements. 
Every day, federal government agencies must meet evolving standards while overcoming data collection challenges, and complex audit requirements. Compliance is essential. JDi helps government entities navigate the main challenges that come with compliance mandates, including lack of real-time data across systems, heterogeneous technology, and the inability to customize applications to organizational needs. 
The JDi Data suite of solutions are affordable, configurable, and completely secure – providing proactive and streamlined security options for solid protection against any data threats. 
JDi eliminates data silos within government agencies, ensuring clear analytics and relevant data throughout all departments. We present government entities with flexible and scalable options for compliance management, allowing users to easily interface with any and all data sources required to access, meet, and monitor compliance requirements. The first is our tool TimesManager – ideal for project management using AssignLinQ to dispatch and track external activities, TM has the infrastructure to build workflows and business rules for government agencies to manage multiple contracts. 
One of the most essential solutions JDi provides to government entities is our Certificate of Insurance tracking system: CTrax. 
CTrax is a comprehensive Certificate of Insurance tracking SAAS solution that handles COI entry, filing and management. JDI helps government entities minimize exposure to risk by automating the management of their Certificates of Insurance. CTrax can help ensure that all risk exposures and lines of business are covered through automated workflows, limiting the chance of human error. Updating and managing all information pertaining to certificates of insurance for government agencies has never been easier. JDi’s Ctrax can also help government employees make massive gains in their efficiency. Government employees can spend up to 15 hours a week manually tracking COIs. Reducing is a constant priority in public sector – JDi’s Claims Manager produces reporting on proprietary policy information and loss run statistics, allowing government entities to standardize the claims process. With all claims data converged into a single source, employees can manage and attend to claims accurately and efficiently. 
Here at JDi, we understand how crucial enforcing regulation and compliance is for any in public sector. The technology used for information management, compliance, and security must be held to the highest standard. JDi is proud to meet and exceed those standards by providing a suite of products that keep government entities consistently audit-ready. We help the public sector build better data to ensure effortless compliance.