Has Info Marketing Become the Next Big Thing?

 Has info marketing become the next big thing?
Stemming from a lively LinkedIn.com discussion, the conversation has grown extensively online to answer the question “Do people buy from those who “teach” them something?” The discussion was started by Wayne Breitbarth, author of The Power Formula for Linkedin Success: How to Kickstart Your Business, Brand, and Job Search, who heard someone say a few years back “People buy from those who educate them.”
Moving forward to today, has social media now created a space for everyone to become an expert in their field to market and brand their efforts? The answer is yes!
Breitbarth posted a link to his full blog post on the subject and also made a good point that this form of marketing can provide a bit of a learning curve for those who didn’t grow up in the Facebook generation. However, a few others in the group also made excellent points that people and corporations buy based on “need” not on whether they “learn” anything.
A lot of the replies point to the best answer to the question and one that JDi Data also uses in it’s marketing strategy to utilize both ideas. The idea should be to show people they “need” your product and then “teach them what makes it unique but necessary.