Views From The Expert: How Minor Construction Defects Can Turn Into Major Structural Problems

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These condos were built in 1980 and investigated in 2003. The nominal water intrusion took 23 years to manifest itself in the form of a minor deck surface collapse which alerted the owner to investigate.

Needless to say, it was well beyond the ten-year statute of limitations; this was not a restoration that was litigated. This was a 280 unit complex of high-end condos, ranging in square footage from 3000 square feet to 6500 square feet.

The Repair Requirements

The repair requirements included, re-framing the deck to current structural engineering codes, replacing guard railings, replacing waterproofing and flashing on the wear surface, replacing stucco, and adding fresh air vents at the reconstructed underside of these decks. The decks varied in size, but this particular unit cost approximately $6000 to replace.

The overall restoration cost would have been approximately = 280 x $6000 = $1,680,000.

About The Autor

Mr. Wendland has processed his career in the pursuit of excellence and technical expertise integrated with construction management and problem-solving. As a forensic architect-expert witness over the past 25 years, these skills have been invaluable in design detailing, and construction restoration building projects.

Theodore A. Wendland III, AIA

Sr. Forensic Architect – Expert Witness –

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