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You can attach a note to a claim within Claims Manager by going to the note tab and clicking on the link and on “Add a new note”. A new window will open which is where you will enter the note details. Claims Manager categorizes notes, diaries, and documents with note types and you can choose that note type that you want to add to know about also choose the importance slope. After adding the activity date and subject line, fill in the note description and click save which will then add the note to the claim file.

 If you want to export a note you can do so by selecting the notes you want and on the drop-down menu select “export notes”.

You can then download the files into your computer, save them to a shared file or email it to someone directly from the claim system.

You can also use workflow to automatically add notes based on something happening within the claim file for example if you want to add an important date for a litigated claim file such as a trial date you can set it so when a date is added to the trial date it automatically creates a note diary or document using workflow.