Sign In Computer Key In Blue Showing Internet Login

How To Login to the JDi Data VCC Attorney Web Portal

1. Click on the link below:

2. Click Log in on the green menu tabs

3. Click on the Attorney Portal

4. Type in your log in and pass code

**Can’t remember your login? Send an email to to receive your login information or give us a call at 954-938-9100 .

You will now be able to view all of your files by Case Name

5. Click on Details

You can now view each one of the tabs:

Matrix – shows the participating Ai carriers, their tender dates, cut off dates, etc.

Invoices – shows all invoices paid and unpaid entered and allocated.  Clicking on the paper clip allows you to view each invoice.  Clicking on the blue invoice number, you are able to view the task dates and amount of the invoice.  Clicking on the check mark, you are able to view how the invoice was received and who approved the invoice.

 Exclusion – shows if carriers are excluded from a particular invoice / vendor

Payments – shows payments received from carriers, payments issued to vendors/experts

Reports – (Participant Balance Summary) shows the Ai carriers, tender dates, date added to the matrix, total current shares, total payment and current balance due.  By clicking on the Invoice Shares column (the blue numbers) you can view the shares allocated to each carrier.  If you click on the Paid column (the blue numbers) you can view the payments received by carriers.  By clicking on the Trust Balance (the blue numbers) you will be able to view payments in and out of trust.

 Reports – (Accounts Payable Report) shows all vendors allocated in the case.  Again if you click on the blue numbers you will be able to view the invoice’s entered and payments paid to the vendors.