Sign In Computer Key In Blue Showing Internet Login

How To Login to the JDi Data Vendor Web Portal

1. Click on the link below:

2. Click Log in on the green menu tabs

3. Click on the Vendor or Expert Portal

4. Type in your log in and pass code

**Can’t remember your login? Send an email to to receive your login information or give us a call at 954-938-9100 .

You will now be able to view all of your files by Case Name

Click on Total Invoiced or Total Paid (the Blue Numbers)

You will now be able to view all of the invoices and payments that are entered in each individual case.  You will also be able to review each case and confirm if there are missing invoices or payments.

**Remember if you don’t see a case name listed then JDi does not have any of your companies invoices for that particular case and you will need to upload the invoice through the web portal (see below) or email JDi with the invoice to be entered and allocated.**

How to upload your Invoices:  Click on the Total Invoiced (Blue Numbers) you will now be able to upload all of your current or missing invoices.  Just click on the Upload New Invoices and follow the instructions…