How to Manage Liability, Auto, Insurance and Property Claims

Claims Management System
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Jenna:” Hey, everybody, welcome to another JDi interview, I am Jenna and I am here with Michael. Michael, how are you doing today? “

Michael:” I’m doing really well. Thank you for asking Jenna. How are you doing?”

Jenna:” I’m doing great. So Michael is a national account executive. And he’s gonna be talking to us a little bit today about Claims Manager, which we’re excited to learn more about. So Michael, can you give me a little bit of background information on Claims Manager and what it does for clients? “

Michael:” Absolutely Genesis, thanks for the opportunity to discuss our flagship product. Claims Manager is really built to capture benchmark and administer and report all property and casualty claims, including workers comp. “

Jenna:” That’s great. And who exactly are Claims Manager clients? “

Michael:” Well, we have a wide variety of clients that are using Claims Manager. Everyone from small and medium-sized insurance companies to third-party administrators, we have some self-insure self-administer organizations, as well as pools and captives. “

Jenna:” Awesome. And specifically speaking about the product in general, what can you tell me about the Report Builder or the Microsoft Power BI tool? “

Michael:” Yeah so we focused back, I think it was about 2014, we noticed that we started to get a lot of custom reporting requirements from clients. So we ended up building our Report Builder tool, which is our proprietary ad hoc reporting tool, which allows our customers to build any type of customer report without having to call us or do any kind of custom program. This tool also sits on a recording database the reporting database is used as well for clients that want to expand the reporting capabilities with maybe some advanced business intelligence like Cognos or Power BI. And so what we’ve also done is we’ve created these content packs that our clients can download from Power BI App Store and connect them to their claims manager database to get a next-level type of reporting, business intelligence, little more insight into how things are operating within the claims management operations. “

Jenna:” Awesome that real-time data is so helpful to help people make crucial business decisions. And obviously, that’s the key feature of a claims manager. But is there anything else unique about the product that makes it stand out more than you know, other claims management systems? “

Michael:” Well, we’ve learned from our customers and our users that is very user-friendly. A lot of our customers really liked the design of the application, the way pages are laid out, it’s really easy to navigate. Most of our new clients really hit the ground running without much, if any training, although we do provide training for onboarding to making sure our clients are set up for success. But I think another differentiator of Claims Manager is that really is a configurable and integrated claims management solution. So what does that mean? It means that we don’t try to make or solution fit, you know, really push our product onto the customer, we tailor it to our customer’s business requirements. So it’s not a vanilla off-the-shelf product, although we do have that available, we really hang our hat on and are very proud of the ability of the application to configure the business process for our clients. So it really does augment what our clients are trying to do in terms of managing the claim from first notice loss all the way to settlement. And in addition to the configurability of the system. We also have a very powerful workflow engine that sits behind the product that allows our customers to configure business rules in that engine to automate any process or procedure. “

Jenna:” Now and that’s called flow boat is that right? “

Michael:” Correct. “

Jenna:” Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of conversations about that. So I’m really unique on the part of the Claims Manager for sure. Well, is there anything else you want to add while we’re here? What do you think of someone in the insurance industry? What do you think that they need a solution like a claim manager? “

Michael:” Well, especially in today’s world where everyone is working remotely, you really need to invest in technology. Most insurance companies today,  I realized, through this pandemic, the need to invest in technology in order to make their workforce efficient. So most organizations are looking to modernize the way they do things. Claims Manager allows them to do that. It is a modern integrated claims management system that can easily speak and share data amongst systems, really making it a centralized claims management system to see everything from first notice of loss that first reported the claim coming all the way through till settlement, including reporting those claims. “

Jenna:” Awesome. It really sounds like an end-to-end solution that people really need, Awesome. Thank you so much, Michael, I appreciate your time today. And remember, if you’d like more information on Claims Manager, make sure to give Michael a call or visit and schedule your free demo today. Thanks, guys. We’ll see you next time.