In The News: Enlist Employees in the Workers’ Comp Cost-Control Crusade

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imagesInstead of keeping employees in the dark about how the Workers’ Compensation system functions for fear of encouraging more fraudulent claims, organizations would likely be better off proactively enlisting their people in the cost-control crusade.
Indeed, employers who either overlook or purposely avoid the chance to collaborate with their front-line personnel on Workers’ Comp risk management are missing out on some terrific opportunities to improve loss control, safety and return-to-work efforts.
That was the message I brought to attendees in a speech I delivered and a panel I moderated on the subject at the Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference, held Aug. 19-23 in Orlando.

Employers routinely work with insurance carriers, third-party administrators and health-care providers as well as their agents and brokers to improve safety and loss control. Too often, however, a critical player is ignored—the employees for whom the comp system was created in the first place.