Insurance Claims System Replacement Best Practices Friday Tool Tip

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A few helpful tips to ensure a smooth transition is to prepare for an insurance claims system switch far in advance. Here are a few best practices items to consider when making the switch.

Consider If Upgrades Are Necessary

Although a straight migration from legacy to an alternative system is possible, it may be advisable to combine this migration with feature upgrades. This approach is ideal for especially out-of-date systems in desperate need of updates. Although these upgrades could potentially be pursued in the future, there are situations in which it’s easier to complete the system migration and associated upgrades all at once.

System Testing

Prior to the deployment of the new insurance claims system, testing may be required to ensure that the system continues to run in a smooth manner. This is particularly important when the migration is completed in more than one step. Testing may also be required after the migration is complete, so as to ensure the future viability of the new system.

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