The insurance industry is consistently in a state of change. New technologies, evolving processes, and growing client demands are the major drivers for transformation. Data is constantly being created and leveraged. The quantity of data being used makes it increasingly important for the quality to be top tier. Improving the quality of analytical data allows insurance agencies to gain meaningful insights into improving processes and client experiences. 

The insurance industry presents unique challenges to success; leaders who thrive recognize that automation, digitization, and speed help set them apart to clients while minimizing the risk to their organization. We provide a host of compliance and risk management solutions that streamline vital process for the insurance industry. JDi Data’s suite of products empowers insurance companies to mitigate risk.
For most insurance agencies, tracking COIs is an essential piece to the overall risk management strategy. The amount of data insurance companies deal with every day is steadily increasing – documentation, both virtual and physical, makes it easy to misplace important information, contracts, and dates. Losing track of any of this data has catastrophic repercussions.
JDi designed CTrax as a comprehensive Certificate of Insurance tracking SAAS solution that handles COI entry, filing and management. Having the Certificates of Insurance on-hand isn’t enough – compliance is key but devoting time to manual spreadsheets only guarantees additional work down the road without guarding against potential manual errors. We know the insurance industry thrives on customer service with speed being the main key to satisfaction. Conveniently view all critical COI data with Ctrax’s configurable, easy-to-use interface – view the information you need, when you need it all in one place. 
Another process common to the insurance industry is claims management. Insurance is an incredibly competitive environment where businesses are challenged by strict consumer expectations and stringent compliance with government regulations. An efficient claims management system and strategy is a crucial component when reducing fraud and cutting labor costs.
Across the board, claims processing is an incredibly manual and time-consuming procedure that is vulnerable to errors; a cocktail of characteristics that makes for unhappy customers. Traditional claims processing involves tedious, manual data entry from a variety of information sources, all of which must be accessed separately. 
The automation data entry is one of the most critical tools for the insurance industry because it aids in accelerating the claims filing process. JDi’s Claims Manager is the flexible, powerful platform that automates the process – autonomously while providing a seamless and comprehensive solution for everything carriers need ―from underwriting and policy administration, to a comprehensive claim history. Meanwhile, our advanced loss-ratio reporting allows you to easily access a detailed history of all claims so that you can instantly generate and issue accurate estimates for new quotes and renewals. To further transform your claims system, JDi offers a premium solution for complex financial litigation -Vendor Cost Control. VCC is a specialized division of JDi made up of experienced professionals in cost-administration and billing with a proven track record of success increasing financial recoveries within the finance community.