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Looking for answers on the internet? Social Media. Online Content. A dialogue about what you need to flourish – JDi wants to listen and share so Madeline Gutierrez is one of our newest team members.

Who is Madeline?

Madeline Gutierrez is a communicator. A graduate from Florida State with a bachelor in Communications, and then a master in design from Pratt Institute, Madeline feels people should use as many methods – such as visual, written, spoken – to connect with others as possible. It is no surprise that she is an avid advocate of social media.

“Even back in the days before Facebook, I still had a motto, ‘You can never have too many friends,’” she says.

Madeline has a strong background in teaching, gathering experience at the Board of Education in New York City as well as at the college level.

“Today I find myself teaching people how wonderful it is to connect with others using the internet as a jumping-off point,” says Madeline.

They say social people do well as Social Media liaisons, and therefore, it is no surprise that Madeline takes her gregarious personality and networking inclinations and applies them so well to the new marketing and tribe-building environment we find online today.

“No matter where I am, my goals are always to help people meet, communicate, and succeed. We all have so much to bring to the table and to each other,” says Madeline.

Madeline loves to travel!

“It’s all about meeting new people and seeing new things. And different ways of doing things.  I even have a personal saying for that, ‘The world is a curious place.”

Contribution to JDi

Recently coming aboard with JDiData as the Integrated Marketing Director, Madeline will also be tapping into her creative side while expanding JDi’s online footprint through venues like

“As an art photographer I have always enjoyed how much understanding seeing an image can bring,’ says Madeline. “Confucius told us how powerful a picture was – imagine what he would have thought of videos – with sound!”

Besides photography, her interests include architecture, driving horses, collecting American Pie recipes, and blogging about all these things and more.

Want to say “Hi,” ask about Saw Dust Pie, or find out about how JDi Data can help cities prosper? Connect with us on Twitter! And don’t forget to expand your network by connecting to Madeline on LinkedIn! Madeline runs a Twitter chat at #HorseSoMe aimed a growing social media skills and discovering new tools and venues.  She also participates in others like #branding; maybe you have one to tell her about?