JDi and Company Nurse LLC

JDi Data is now interfacing with Company Nurse LLC. Company Nurse specializes in being the first point of contact in the case of accident or injury for their clients. It’s a hallmark of Company Nurse that their call centers are staffed by registered nurses. These nurses populate most fields the injury report while also providing first aid advice and directing medical treatment through designated medical care centers.  JDi Data Claims Manager® takes the input of these nurses and provides a cost effective data management system.
Data getting twisted? JDi Data can stop that from happening.  Twice daily – that’s how often ClaimsManager® will check for new data as part of our interface with Company Nurse LLC.   (This information can also be requested manually on demand.) .
At JDi Data we see this as a clear way to remove the issues of resubmitted first incident reports and other common problems. This is important – currently about 15% of Company Nurse’s call volume is for follow-up on existing claims; therefore, linking with JDi’s state of the art software will facilitate getting the accurate injury information into the correct hands.
Whether a new incident or existing claim – reports are accurate and clearly documented.
JDi’s and Company Nurses’ interface is currently being employed in the DeKalb County School System in Georgia. The county school system is using our advanced serviced to address their challenging needs in a more intelligent way.
This will save you time, money and duplication of work