JDi Data CEO James DeRosa featured in Claimwire.com

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JDi Data Founder/CEO is honored to be featured in Claimwire.com‘s industry spotlight:  20 Questions with James DeRosa, Founder/President, JDi Data Corp.

How Did We Meet?

I first met Jim at the National Workers’ Compensation conference last year in Las Vegas. In Jim, I found a business leader with an incredibly diverse background. You don’t typically find a leader of a tech company who started out working in the auto or marine industry. 

Jim is one of those people who see opportunities and seize them. Acting on a request from a business associate, Jim got into the claims management arena and through his leadership and vision, JDi Data Corp now sits in a very competitive position in that tight market. Well done Jim!

The Interview

Here’s my interview with James DeRosa, Founder, and President of JDi Data Corp.

Claimwire: “Where did you go to school and what did you study?”

“I graduated Triton Regional High School in South Jersey. Because of my love for technology I studied network administration, light programming with Clarion, an application generator. As my interest was always in being self-employed, during and immediately after graduating, I simply continued and pursued technology to assist me in managing/controlling my business endeavors.” 

Claimwire: “Can you share something about you that most people wouldn’t know?”

“I spent one summer selling encyclopedias door to door. I was a shy, reserved introvert, the kind of kid who wouldn’t raise his hand in class even if he knew the answer. That experience selling encyclopedias transitioned me to be the one to start the conversations and feel confident interacting with new acquaintances.”


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