JDi Data Claims Manager® Selected by City of Enid, Oklahoma to Support Their Technology Growth Initiatives

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JDi Data announced today that the City of Enid, Oklahoma has selected Claims Manager® as their claims management system technology solution. Claims Manager® will transition the City of Enid from using a Third Party Administer to being self-administered.  The City of Enid is now equipped to manage and administer all aspects of their Workers’ Compensation program as well as all other public liability matters generally associated with a self-insured municipality.

The Major Benefit 

Christ Stein, ADA Coordinator & Risk Manager of the City of Enid cites that the major benefit the City of Enid received since deploying Claims Manager® has been the “ability to retrieve information immediately without requesting from another party and absolute control over the claims process from cradle to grave.” 

With the City of Enid stepping into new territory JDi Data’s goal is to provide an intuitive claims management software program that reduces the learning curve and gives the municipality a proactive workflow process.

Newly Designed Personalization

Claims Manager® v3.03.03 equips the City of Enid with the newly designed personalized OpticLense claims management interface, providing an enhanced user experience for claim managers. 

The Claims Manager® ‘s system delivers simplified, configuration, workflows, and integration, which will help the City of Enid to provide the highest level of customer service.

The City of Enid is the economic, social, medical, political, educational hub of Northwest Oklahoma, and JDi Data is pleased to be selected as a key driver of their technology modernization initiative. 

James DeRosa, President of JDi Data Corporation, said “The flexibility and rich functionality of our claims management software suite, will allow the City of Enid to be effective but also efficient.”

To assure that the claims system was the best fit for the City of Enid’s needs JDi Data claims management support is offered on a Software as a Service (SaaS) basis. This affords the city of Enid unlimited options to improve claim reporting and pushes to raise the bar on effectively managing claims. 

DeRosa explains, “JDi Data’s SaaS model reduces upfront  cost, provides continual updates and enhancements, while low in risk, all at a  level cost.”

About JDi Data Corporation 

JDi Data Corporation is the leading software solutions innovator in the insurance industry.  We specialize in standard and customized insurance management software solutions that deliver streamlined processes and costs savings. 

Since 1992, we have helped customers improve claims, risk, and customer service management workflows. Our mission to actively pursue and innovate intuitive solutions with creativity and passion has helped customers contain costs, improve internal processes, and boost operational efficiency.