JDi Data Client Case Study: Upgrades from a Legacy Claims System a Success for Public Agency

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Client – Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

In this case study, read how Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, a company that manages one of the largest wastewater utilities systems in the nation replaced their legacy claims system with JDi Data’s Claims Manager®.


  • Increased level of customer service
  • Ability to enter First Notice of Loss (FNOL) online
  • Integration of legal counsel on cases
  • Customized ad-hoc reporting tools
  • Enhanced claims handling flexibility
  • Paperless claims process


Every minute an adjuster spends struggling with a legacy claims system is time he or she cannot spend developing a sound claim file strategy. Strategically, data missed in loss trending can mean a reactive approach to claims management and a lack of proactive loss prevention.

Click HERE Download the WSSC Case study now to learn how Claims Manager® significantly improved their claims handling workflow.