JDi Data Announces New Client: City of Daytona Beach

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL – April 17, 2012 – JDi Data thanks to the City of Daytona Beach as one of our newest esteemed client groups. With a smooth data conversion and integration process The City of Daytona Beach is now administering Workers Compensation, General Liability, Auto, and Property claims for their Public Officials, and Police/Fire Department with JDi Data Corporation’s Claims Manager insurance software solution. During the implementation phase, JDi converted 20 plus years of Daytona Beach’s historical data.

Claims Manager and Daytona Beach

Claims Manager transfers EDI to the State of Florida, Medicare 111 reporting to the City’s third party compliance organization, Gould & Lamb, and bill review functionality with JDi ‘partner, Comp IQ, a division of Xerox.

Jim De Rosa, JDi Data CEO recognized the opportunity to work with seasoned veterans at the Daytona Beach facility as their knowledge and expertise added substantially to enhancing the Claims Manager software product, which now provides full functionality for all Florida entities requiring state and Federal reporting compliance.

The City of Daytona Beach continues to provide intuitive enhancement requirements as markets change, 21st-century technology evolves within a regulatory compliance arena. JDi Data’s SaaS support model “Software as a Service” will also provide them unconstrained support within their fixed budgetary limitations.