JDi Data Provides Successful Cloud-Hosted Claims Management System for Coronado Claims

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Cloud computing has significantly grown in the insurance software industry due to the efficiency and scalability of a cloud environment. A cloud-hosted claims management system gives clients the advantages of an out-office IT infrastructure that is responsive, reliable, secure, and scalable with easy access to your claims services 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

JDi Data’s Claims Manager® system

JDi Data’s Claims Manager® system supports two modes of deployment — local installation and cloud hosting. The choice depends on the clients’ actual needs and preferences. Coronado Claims Services has been at the forefront of adopting JDi’s cloud-hosting environment.

“JDI Data has far surpassed my expectations as our outsourced IT and systems strategic partner,” said Amel Esposito, President & CEO of Coronado Claims Services. “JDI Data’s claim systems, billing systems, and now cloud-hosted services have been totally reliable and we are confident our hosting needs will continue to be handled exceptionally well by our strategic partner, JDI Data. Because of their ability to provide inclusive system upgrades, custom reporting, help desk functions and training, 24/7 system support, and other value-added elements, we will continue to utilize JDI Data for all of our IT and IS functions for years to come.”

Advantages of cloud hosting

The top advantages of a cloud hosting environment include reduced operations cost, scalable storage, service orientation, flexibility, and mobility. JDi Data’s cloud hosting infrastructure provides an excellent alternative to the more traditional, locally installed claims management system. The choice of either deployment mode is totally subject to the client’s discretion.

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