February Events for JDi Data: RIMS, CLM, & WCLA

February events for JDi Data
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On February 17th, 2016 JDi Data is DOUBLE BOOKED, with events!

The Broward Chapter Presentation

The first event of the day, where you will find JDi Data, is at RIMS luncheon and presentation.

Who is RIMS?

The Risk Management Society, (RIMS)  is an organization that works to promote best practices for risk management professionals. They host several events to provide opportunities for networking. Also, they offer educational courses in the form of webcasts, online courses, and in-person workshops for members and nonmembers. Their mission is for risk professionals to succeed within the industry by giving them tools to stay a step ahead of the game.

RIMS: Disability Management…From the Employer’s Point of View

RIMS is hosting a presentation that will serve to cover the myths, mysteries, and truth of benefits. This information however will be given from the point of view of the employer! Meant to provide a different outlook on a known subject, this presentation will serve to educate employers and employees on the facts behind benefits.

The Broward Chapter Presentation will cover the following topics:

  • What Disability Management actually consists of
  • Why it’s beneficial to coordinate benefits and collaborate with HR (and what can go wrong when you don’t)
  • How your company culture aligns with your Disability Management program
  • How Strategic Planning Metrics can help

The Value for JDi Data?

RIMS centers their education and events around risk-related topics, and how they can affect risk professionals. For the most part, they focus on medical aspects, but this presentation can be beneficial for claims professionals too. JDi Data services many professionals in the legal, risk, and insurance industries. Our team works with claims on a daily basis. JDi’s team attending this event will leave with the added knowledge of the industry as well as opportunities for potential partnerships with other professionals in the future.

When: Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 (11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m)

Where: Orangebrook Country Club, 400 Entrada Drive, Hollywood


CLM Southern Florida Educational & Networking Event

JDi Data’s 2nd event of the day is with the CLM

Who is the CLM?

The second event is to be hosted by the Claims Litigation Management Alliance (CLM). This national organization supports professionals in the claims and litigation management industries. With over 30,000 members, CLM hosts several events, conferences, webinars, and training sessions throughout the year in different parts of the States. Through collaborative efforts, they foster communication and knowledge amongst professionals in the industry.

JDi’s Second Event

CLM Southern Florida Educational & Networking Event will feature a panel of experts discussing the practical ways that social media can be used in civil litigation. The speakers will answer questions as well as provide insight into the industry. Afterward, there will be a networking event where attendees will have the opportunity to interact with other professionals in the industry and create connections with others from different industry backgrounds.

The Value for JDi Data?

JDi Data is extremely active with the CLM organization. We frequently sponsor local, regional, and national events all over the country. Over the past many years we have been involved, our team has gained valuable industry insight. Using this knowledge we are able to better serve our customers and identify changes in the marketplace.

When: Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 (5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.)

Where: Sheraton Ft. Lauderdale Airport and Cruise Port 1825 Griffin Road, Dania Beach, FL 33004


WCLA ‘s Inaugural Seminar and Networking Event

One of JDi Data’s final february events will be taking place with the Women’s Construction Litigation Alliance (WCLA).

Who is the WCLA?

The WCLA is a national non-profit public benefit corporation that supports women in construction litigation. They have national, regional, and local networking events. Not only that, they have educational opportunities to benefit the members as well.

WCLA ‘s Inaugural Seminar and Networking Event

This seminar will be a moderated discussion. The topics discussed will be on:

  • The intersection of Civil Code section 896
  • Traditional negligence in residential construction defect claims.

The panel will analyze cases, trials, and recent law cases for this discussion. Afterward, there will be networking for professionals to interact with one another and create potential opportunities for partnerships and collaboration activities.

The Value for JDi Data?

JDi Data has extensive knowledge within the construction defect litigation industry. Our team of experts has served as cost administrators for thousands of cases over the past 15 years. This event creates an opportunity to interact with construction defect professionals and broaden our network in order to service them and their needs with our innovative solutions.

When: Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 (5 p.m. – 7 p.m.)

Where: U.S Legal Support 1230 Columbia Street, Suite 400 San Diego, California 92101