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JDi Data unveils our brand new customer-focused, interactive website. The site is designed in direct response to JDi Data’s research into what the visitors really want.

New Website’s Features

In addition to the re-launch of the JDi Data corporate websites sleeker, and simpler look includes the ‘live-chat’ pop-up widget. 

JDi Data Account Executives are now available for instant help or questions with a click of a button. The ‘Live-Chat’ pop-up widget is located in the bottom right corner on the JDi Data homepage. 

The new JDi Data website provides users a comprehensive understanding of the JDi Data mission, and our product/service offerings. The JDi Data blog now incorporated on the JDi Data corporate equips visitors with a continual stream of tips, guides, and solutions on containing claim costs, improving workflow productivity, and streamlining your business processes.

These recent changes share the common goal of continuously simplifying, and providing an optimal user experience to meet the changing needs of our current and potential JDi Data clients. We look forward to your feedback. 

For any questions feel free to send a message directly through our ‘live-chat‘ pop-up widget or give us a call at 954-938-9100.