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JDi has partnered up with CompIQ to bring our clients a bill review system that is completely state of the art. We choose to combine our efficient Claims Manager product with the nation’s premier provider of medical cost control solutions. CompIQ is a natural complement to our skillset.

“Einstein of Bill Review” 


CompIQ Solutions

2010 was very exciting for CompIQ and JDi was glad to be a part of it. Known as the “Einstein of Bill Review” they were making some bright choices when they merged with Xerox and choose to partner with JDi in the same year.

At JDi we know there are always changes in the needs of businesses. We agree with Xerox when they say,

 “One thing successful businesses do to navigate through this unpredictability is make sure the technology, software and work processes that form the backbone of their organizations are operating as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

The New Partnership With CompIQ and Xerox

Our new partnership allows JDi, CompIQ , and Xerox to bring clients custom-tailored options with great speed and accuracy.


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