JDi Data President Selected To Participate in CareerSource Startup Quest™ Program

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Who Is Participating? 

JDi Data is excited to announce that JDi Data’s President James DeRosa was selected to participate in the Startup Quest™ entrepreneurial training program presented by CareerSource Broward. James joins a list of esteemed South Florida executives that will act as mentors for college degree graduates participating in this program. 


Mentors will undertake a unique, hands-on training and learning experience designed to introduce program participants to the world of technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. The elite list of mentors is a part of technology-based industries, such as software, information technology/information systems, aerospace, advanced materials and coatings, nanotechnology, robotics, medical devices, biotechnology, life sciences, automation, and other technology industries. 

Through a 10-week training course, the Startup Quest™ entrepreneurial training curriculum will focus on mentoring program attendees to help them develop a go-to-market plan for real technology.

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