JDi Data ranked among Top 2 in ‘Best Customer Service/Help Desk’ in Bickmore’s Dave Tweedy & Advisen’s 2014 RMIS Review

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What’s The Twist?

JDi Data is honored to be named in the 2014 Dave Tweedy RMIS Review with top rankings in the Help Desk, General Service, and Overall Value criteria. The independent report, published by Bickmore’s Dave Tweedy and Advisen Ltd., evaluated 17 RMIS vendors from the user’s perspective. 

The unique twist on this year’s report highlighted the RMIS providers from the user’s standpoint and gives readers a better understanding of why companies purchase risk management systems. Additional rated criteria’s included Ease of Use, Flexibility, Data Analytics, and more.

A word from the Chairman 

“Our mission at JDi Data is to be active listeners when it comes to clients’ needs and seamlessly adapts to each customer’s operating model,” said James DeRosa, President of JDi Data. It is great to see from our users’ feedback that we have efficiently and effectively addressed such demands for flexibility and adaptability.”

Access the full report here.