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Internal events are something companies attempt to execute, here at JDi Data we understand the time, energy, and effort it takes to put those events together however, we think our employees deserve something special so at the turn of the new year, we vowed to overhaul our employee engagement with events throughout the year. In this last quarter of the year, we celebrated the usual holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas with different activities, such as potlucks, raffles, ugly sweater days, and more. Also, this year we included a special activity,  through the month of October, the company celebrated “Breast Care Awareness Month.” This was an activity full of laughs and fun, besides wearing pink clothes and accessories every Wednesday and Friday. On October 19th the employees had an exciting activity combined with Halloween, “Pink  Pumpkin Painting Activity” where the employees painted pumpkins related to the “Breast Care Awareness Month.”  Creating an enjoyable workplace is no longer something reserved solely for big companies. This is a way of making the office a place where people get lots done while also having fun. 


  • Halloween Day:

  Halloween day at  JDi was an activity full of laughs, fun, food, and spookiness. The employees had an exciting activity combined with a  potluck and a Halloween contest. The office had an amazing day where the employees got lots done while also having fun. For more fun pictures visit our Facebook page.

  •  Christmas Day:

  Christmas time at JDi was full of laughs, fun, food, and sharing. The employees had an exciting activity combined with Hot Chocolate and a Christmas wear contest. The office had an amazing day where the employees got lots done while also having fun. For more pictures visit our Facebook page.



JDi was an exhibitor at 2018 The Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) Educational Conference at North Ameri- ca’s largest public risk management association, from October 14th to the 17th, at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota On Sarasota Bay, FL. Along with nearly 1000 other colleagues, we convened to share our experience and solutions to some of the risk management’s toughest problems.

  JDi attended the  2018 Florida  League of Cities (FLC) Annual Conference, from August 16th to the  18th, as an exhibitor at The Diplomat Beach  Resort in Holly- wood,  FL, where we met with many of Florida’s municipal governments, supporting the needs of Florida’s cities.


Product Spotlight

 We are proud to announce that TimesManager can now be configured to bi-directionally interface with QuickBooks. Besides eliminating double entry issues, its customizable bi-directionality allows timekeepers to adopt this feature to best meet their organization’s needs, streamlining data and increasing productivity. Timekeepers can now organize expenses and invoices and have access to more insightful reports and accounting data by syncing  TimesManager with QuickBooks,  saving time and eliminating stress. 

Microsoft Welcomes JDi Data into the Microsoft app store

Microsoft’s premier business intelligence and data reporting service, Power  BI, has added a new partner: JDi Data. JDi Data now offers users an expanded sphere of data visualization and reporting possibility. This marks yet another evolution of  Claims  Manager®,  JDi’s one-stop solution for claims administration. Claims Man- ager’s existing ReportBuilder feature integrates seamlessly into  Power  BI. Indeed, the  Microsoft Power   BI–JDi partnership enhances the functionality of Claims Manager, allowing for easier visualization of Claims Manager metrics and financial data through the  Power  BI dashboard. In addition, Claims Manager data can now easily be used in tandem with other reporting sets to create a fully comprehensive view of all collect- ed data.

JDi Data’s continuing commitment to simplifying business management is evident in flow bot,  a tool that makes increased efficiency (and decreased headaches) a  foregone conclusion. This multi-functional automation tool complements JDi’s suite of efficiency-enhancing software solutions. Flowbot can connect to any system or dashboard in the  JDi portfolio. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Using its  API, JDi’s Workflow can integrate with systems outside of the  JDi software suite to third-party programs serving financial administration, human resources, payroll, and more.  In doing so,  Flowbot assists with tasks across the full spectrum of business functions and service providers, from  QuickBooks to Salesforce and beyond. With this unparalleled third-party integration capability, Flowbot is capable of expediting a  broad range of administrative functions by generating automatic emails and reports, syncing events to your calendar, and much,  much more.  Beyond third-party integration, Flowbot makes life easier in another way: eliminating the need for back-end programming. Unlike most flow bot automation engines, Flowbot’s user interface makes it easy for non-programmers to assign new tasks or change existing automated processes. 


Claims  Manager stands out from other tools in the  Power  BI universe thanks to the creation of content packs, developed in-house by JDi and available for download from  Microsoft AppSource. These content packs make it easy to in- integrate your existing JDi solutions into the  Power  BI interface. Packs include Incident Summary, Adjuster Summary, Financial Summary, and more– all designed to allow users to take full advantage of JDi’s partnership with Power  Bi. Download, connect, visualize and modify data more easily than ever before.

 Claims Manager is suited for use by third-party administrators, risk pools, carriers,  self-insureds, and public entities alike.  With the addition of the  Claims Manager content pack, data comes alive in the  Power  BI dashboard, which can be used as provided or customized to reflect each user’s needs.

Through all of these improvements, the focus of the Claims Manager has remained unchanged: simplifying risk management and the claims process. The Claims Manager ReportBuilder’s integration with  Power  BI joins a host of other efficiency and usability-enhancing features, including JDi’s Workflow engine, First Notice of Loss reporting system, and support services.



Beyond third-party integration, Flow- bot makes life easier in another way: eliminating the need for back-end programming. Unlike most Flowbot automation engines, Flowbot’s user interface makes it easy for non-programmers to assign new tasks or change existing automated processes. 

JDI’s Flowbot is also unique in its ability to generate files in a variety of pre-determined formats. Reports can be automatically generated and sent to regulators and carriers according to varied, preset formats. 

Flowbot can be used to configure not just one action, but rather an entire sequence of actions.  These actions can be finely tuned, responding to conditional triggers specific to one client or leveraging data within the relational database that the flowbot has been configured to monitor. When combined with the broader suite of JDi software solutions for the legal, in- insurance, and financial industries, the result is truly impressive, exceeding current expectations for what administrative efficiency can look like.