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JDi Data has been around for quite some time, and users are starting to recognize it. We decided to pull out an RMIS review to confirm customer satisfaction from 2014. Since then, we have made even more user-friendly upgrades and features, keeping our client in the first place. 

The User’s Perspective RMIS Review from 2014 is valuable feedback that helps understand users’ demands and needs better. Users provided their best feedback, from the simple question about why they use RMIS systems to practical advice on what should be updated. It is up to us to review and apply it. 

Why Use RMIS? 

When you understand why users need your system, it is much easier to make and adapt it to their needs. Here is what some users said about using RMIS systems in the 2014 review. 

“An RMIS is the best way to manage our risks, manage our claims, analyze how we can mitigate our risks, and promote better practices and protocols within our business.”

“As a tool to help our account executives work smarter; reduce human error in reporting; organizing risk management tools for the client; adding value to our client relationships.” 

“As an organized way to manage massive amounts of data, crunch numbers, provide reporting, analyze data, manage claims, collect property values, produce allocations, manage policies, executive reporting.”

“I believe any Risk Manager who wants to exploit opportunity in how wide or small they can make the margin of business risk to stay in business and/or gain a competitive edge,… needs an RMIS system.” 

I like not having to wait for a claims adjuster to respond to my request. Instead, I pull the information off the system myself immediately. I also see more information in the file than has been shared by the adjuster. I appreciate the transparency.” 

A word from James de Rosa

Since JDi Data’s Claims Manager is a RMIS system specially designed to help manage your claims more quickly, without losing any of the precious data, it is natural that users included it in the review. 

Before we dive into it, here is a short word from James de Rosa about JDi Data, provided in the review: 

The strength of JDi Data’s Corporation Claims Manager® system is intuitiveness! 

Other key points that distinguish our services from our competitors include: 

Configurability – our core platform is completely customized at the point of deployment to match our clients’ exact specifications. Our system has been built for maximum flexibility. 

Service – every individual in our organization is committed to providing industry-leading service, which means expeditious response to issues, bug fixes, and enhancement requests. 

Reliability – our robust service platform experienced 0 minutes of unplanned downtime in 2013. Our clients value our reliability, and we take pride in ensuring our system is fully operational. 

Partnership– We have maintained a philosophy that we do not charge for requested enhancements to the product if they can be used by the user community and not requested as a proprietary enhancement.

Also, never a charge for 24/7 help desk or service request calls.”  James DeRosa, President, JDi Data”

A Word From Users

And here is a few excerpts from what users had to say about JDi Data Claims Manager and its features. Users were representatives of different industries, which means that Claims Manager is not industry-specific but can be used as a unique system, regardless of the industry branch your business belongs. 

Clients were mainly insurance agents, brokers, consultants, and managers of consulting services, help supply services, real estate investments, grocery stores, electric services, etc. The sample was extensive and representative, so the gathered data provided more insight into users’ experience with RMIS.

Here is what they said about Claims Manager

“JDI Data Claims Manager program is easier than the prior program and was purchased when we had issues with EDI requirements with the State. The JDI program has definitely improved the functionality of the process and reduced the time required to process claims and EDI with the older program.” 

“Claims Manager Report functions Search engine is great, and you can click on the produced claim and go right to it. Plus the ease of documenting different aspects of the claim Sorting of data and the quick glance of financials. “

Clients seem to be pretty happy with Claims Manager and its features, which is a great motivation to make it even better. Our dedicated teams are working on constant improvement in all segments of Claims Manager, so everyone will gain even more from it without spending a fortune. 

If you wish to read more about the reviews, check them out here