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Every business, no matter how big or small, requires marketing. The reason is simple, marketing creates exposure that allows others to take notice in your company; without exposure, a company is an abandoned gas station getting buried under sand in the middle of the desert. That’s why JDi Data is constantly looking for new ways to promote our companies brand. Thereby ensuring that the businesses which are lost, and in need of our technological solutions, are able to easily find them.

However, due to the ever-changing society in which we live, keeping up with the latest developments in marketing can be a chore. Leading us to proudly announce JDi’s official partnership with the Broward County Chamber of Commerce (BCCC). The BCCC has consistently evolved to stay relevant with the changes of tomorrow by promising members, “A professional marketing company, a public relations firm, a multi-media consultant,” and many other modernized services that facilitate the interests of its members.
For over 20 years, JDi Data has proudly served South Florida, assiduously working to produce innovative solutions for common problems. These include such standard issues as, accurately handling complex litigation, tracking insurance claims, and managing certificates of insurance. As a result, our products increase productivity, streamline workflow, and maximize profit for businesses that want the resources to succeed. At JDi, we’re excited for our partnership with the BCCC, and in turn, look forward to supporting the Florida economy.